Nine consecutive kilometres that start at an altitude of 2630 metres, at the top of the Cerler resort. Nine kilometres starting at the end of the Gallinero ski lift, and which run along a route ideal for skiers with an intermediate level, and which is great fun for families.

This already legendary route runs through of the most emblematic slopes, black pine forests and snaking paths that end around 1500 m ASL, at Cerler’s lowest level: 1130m of altitude difference in a single continuous descent that crosses the station from top to bottom.

The route is fully signposted with signs every kilometre so that skiers can always know exactly where they are along the route, the 9 km slope, the longest skiable run in Spain, which today is one of Cerler’s hallmark features.

Route: Perdiz Blanca (blue)-Camino del Sarrau (red)-Robellons (green)-Skity Area de Puentet (green)-Les Pllanes (blue)-Cerler 1500.


This is the height reached by the Gallinero ski lift: a four-seater detachable chairlift that transports skiers just 100 metres from the top of the mountain. This height allows skiers to always have an exceptional quality of snow right into springtime, whether this be natural or artificial and created by a wide network of artificial snow cannons that enable skiers to descend the mountain along different slopes.

The Gallinero area is a large skiable area that sets Cerler apart from Spain’s other ski resorts owing to its altitude, its drops and its capacity to host blue, red and black slopes, all accessible through one single lift.