Aramón Cerler is 100% family friendly. It has lots of activities, facilities and events designed so that absolutely everyone, especially the littler skiers, enjoys being at a ski resort like never before.

Skity Areas

The Skity Areas at Aramón Cerler are zones especially designed for kids with activities and skill circuits and some of kids’ favourite spots in Cerler. The ski resort has three Skity Areas, two of which are located at Level 2000 and another in the Ampriu sector, with toboggans, an igloo and mini climbing wall that is kiddy-safe.

At the Ampriu sector, parents and children alike can have a beautiful experience riding Huskyman Nordic dog sleighs. Many have discovered the magic of mushing and riding dog sleighs has become a very popular activity with visitors to the resort.

Kids entertainment throughout the week

From Monday to Sunday, practically every single day, there is an entertainment activity in which all family members can participate, including younger skiers. From skiing with the Ambassadors on Mondays and at weekends (skiing level permitting), to drinking hot chocolate in Cafetería Remáscaro at Cerler 1500 on Tuesdays, to becoming an explorer in search of treasure on Thursdays, or having a great time with the face paint, storytelling and gymkhana activities organized every weekend at Ampriu at the Kids Special event... there are endless activities and ideas every weekend for families at Cerler. There is fun guaranteed for all.

Snow gardens

The Snow gardens are the ideal place for little ones to make their first contact with snow while their parents enjoy a day on the slopes.

Cerler has two snow gardens, each one located at the resort entrances: at Cerler 1500 and at Ampriu. The snow gardens combine modern installations, adapted for the little ones, and monitored outdoor areas where kids can play in the snow. At Ampriu, there is a carpet lift exclusively for kids, meaning kids can hit the slopes for the first time.