snow garden formigal-panticosa


If you come to Formigal-Panticosa to ski with your family, then you should know that you’ve picked the best option out there. Because whatever age your children, there’s always a program for them. If they’re very small, they can use the Snow garden, where they’ll take their very first ski lessons from seasoned professionals. And if they’re older, there are lots of surprises awaiting them around the resort.

Every single day, the resort’s mascot, Skity, and the kids entertainment team invite your little ones to dance. They can also join in make-up workshops and in exciting games designed especially for them. On Saturdays, the party really gets going with a bouncy castle and hot chocolate.

The more adventurous can take their first steps in freestyling in Fobas Park, in the Panticosa sector. Here they can also ride on a sleigh on a slope especially designed for this.


Aramón Formigal Panticosa has a wide range of activities exclusively for children, with two Snow gardens, in the Formigal (Ayanet) and Panticosa sectors, where kids can have fun and enjoy themselves while you are skiing.

You are recommended to book in advance since places are limited.

Bookings: (0034) 974 490 000