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Each season Aramón Cerler puts on its glad rags and gets dressed up to celebrate carnival. With fancy dress competitions, a carnival parade around the resort, concerts at the foot of the slope, there are fun activities one after the other until the sun goes down… And this is when one of the most magical events of the season takes place: the torch-lit descent. Here, hundreds of skiers carrying torches descend from Level 2000 forming an enormous, snaking line of light down to the bottom of the resort. There, at Cafetería Remáscaro, traditional home-made cake and hot chocolate awaits, accompanied by the rhythm of music and the very purest carnival spirit.


The Pitarroy Trophy is Spain’s hallmark event in the alevines category (participants aged between 8-11), and the most important competition in this calendar. This competition has run for two decades now, making this race the unofficial Spanish championship and a ‘must’ for hundreds of young skiers every year.

During this annual events, more than 300 young skiers participate for two days, demonstrating their level and their athleticism, giving the very best of themselves and making this event truly unique.


Cerler Freestyle 4Kids is the event for Freestylers aged between 5 and 16 years who really want to have a great time and show off their skills. The competition is divided into four categories: mini, alevín, youth in the expression session in the Slopestyle modality, with participants being able to choose from among various lines in accordance with their level. Since it first started, 4Kids has become one of the most awaited events for clubs and freestylers.

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Enjoy quality gastronomy in the Pyrenean ski resort of Cerler: Snowcooking Guayente Cerler, an event for skiers who love haute cuisine.

You can enjoy haute cuisine prepared by the students at the prestigious Guayente Catering School, served in the Cota Dosmil restaurant, located in the confluence of the three large skiing areas in the resort. It is the students themselves who prepare and serve a menu of the highest quality, prepared exclusively for this event.

This event seeks to provide a new and unique haute cuisine experience in the heart of the mountains of Cerler. After dinner, you can descend on skis down to Cerler 1500 on a torch-lit illuminated slope, another detail that makes this Snowcooking activity a truly unique experience.

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This year Cerler is organising the second edition of Banked Slalom, the legendary snowboard competition in which riders of all levels can test themselves with the centrifugal force of their turns along a unique vertiginous route. Participants can repeat the route as many times as they want to, with their best attempt being evaluated.

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At Cerler, the ski season comes to a close with a massive party in which fun is guaranteed for all, children and adults alike.

There are kids parties with special entertainment, bouncy castles and other attractions to delight the little ones, while endless other activities go on around the resort, with many swimwear descents, the Bikini Contest fancy dress competition, the adrenaline-racing SnowWater and a spectacular concert to bring this memorable day to a close.