Aramon Formigal-Panticosa ski resort is located in the Tena Valley, one of the largest valleys in the Pyrenees. Surrounded by mountain peaks that are over 3.000 meters tall, the region holds within its domain a distinctive fauna and flora which makes it one of the prettiest regions in Spain, no matter the season. The extent of its nature can be enjoyed in the ski resort itself, running on slopes that go among forests of pine, spruce and beech.

Covering 400 square kilometres, the Tena Valley was carved by a glacier that gave it is characteristic U-shape cross-sections. The valleys mountain range peaks reach over 3,000 metres ASL —Balaitus, Gran Facha, Argualas or Picos del Infierno— and there are plenty of mountain trails to discover the valley and visit the impressive glacial lakes, one of the most important group of glacial lakes in the Pyrenees, with origins in the melted glacier. There are also two large reservoirs: Lanuza and Búbal. The Gállego River crosses the valley from north to south, a valley configured by massifs, rivers and ravines.

The resort is part of the Ordesa-Vignemale Biosphere Reserve, one of the first two areas in Spain to receive this distinction, back in 1977. The reserve, in its 117.364 hectares, has representative areas of the different ecosystems in the Pyrenees and characteristic geological features, especially the ones related to erosion and glacial carvings.

The Tena Valley offers infinite natural and cultural alternatives: you can walk along marked routes, enjoy all kinds of adventure activities, discover the cultural backgrounds of the regions and enjoy sport in the sport facilities. On the other hand, you cansimply rest and relax while enjoying the incredible nature surroundings. You can find snowed countryside in wintertime, pleasant temperatures in summer, water and renewed forest life in the springtime and warm earth colours in autumn.

Independently on your choice, by foot, on horseback, by quad or, of course, skiing, you can soak in the beauty of each corner of the Tena Valley.