The Aramón Formigal-Panticosa resort is surrounded by peaks of 3,000 m ASL and skiable slopes populated with forests of pine, spruce and beech. Its fauna and flora make it one of the most beautiful areas in the whole of Spain at any time of the year. It’s located in one of the largest and most populated valleys in the Pyrenees: the Tena Valley.

Covering an area of 400km2 and with peaks reaching over 3,000 metres ASL —such as Balaitus, Gran Facha, Argualas or Picos del Infierno— the valley has two large reservoirs: those of Lanuza and Búbal.

The River Gállego crosses the valley from north to south, a place configured by glaciers, massifs, rivers and ravines, and one of the most important group of frozen lakes in the Pyrenees.

What’s more, because of the valley’s highly valuable natural resources, the resort lies in the Ordesa-Vignemale Biosphere Reserve, one of the areas representative of the different habits in the planet which are protected by legislation.

The Tena Valley offers infinite natural and cultural alternatives: you can walk along innumerable marked routes, enjoy all kinds of adventure activities and cultural experiences and play sports in its sports facilities. Or you can simply rest and relax in incredible surroundings with snow in winter, pleasant temperatures in summer, and water and renewed life in the springtime.

Whatever your preference, whether on foot, on horseback, by quad or, of course, on skis, you can soak in the beauty of each corner of the Tena Valley.