Aramón Cerler is located in the central sector of the Pyrenees, the highest and most abrupt area, and has the largest height differences in the Pyrenees and a skiable domain that extends across 81 kilometres.

Surrounded by more than 60 peaks towering more than 3,000 metres ASL —among these Aneto, the highest peak in the Pyrenees— the ski resort itself reaches the height of its mythical Gallinero Peak at 2,630 metres ASL, making it the ski resort in the Pyrenees with the largest skiable drop: 1,130 metres ASL.

It is this height which ensures Cerler has the excellent quality of snow right up to the start of Spring, even when the sun and warmth start to melt away the snow in the majority of other ski resorts in the Peninsula.

However, if there is something that sets Cerler apart, it is its authentic Pyrenean spirit, one that is present throughout the entire Benasque Valley, whose character is inexorably linked to its amazing orography: housing the highest peaks in the Pyrenees where you can find the majority of glaciers in the Pyrenees, as well as the largest ones, the only glaciers in Spain.