ski retrack formigal-panticosa


Charilifts, T-bars and gondola lifts can be found, each with its unique features, in any Ski Resort. Formigal-Panticosa focuses on offering skiers new experiences, so that they can explore and enjoy the mountains in a different way. Ski-Ratrack is a new way of reaching the mountain peaks. On the back of a snow groomer, T-bar pullers are installed in order to pull you along while it drives uphill. You just have to hold onto one of the grips and let the vehicle pull you along.

The ride will take you to slopes that aren’t accessible otherwise. Another interesting viewpoint during the run down is stopping at La Glera. La Glera is a cabin located at 2000 meters ASL and it is surrounded by nature. It’s the perfect spot to eat a typical Spanish snack and enjoy the views while resting from the runs.