The Terrain Park, in the Formigal sector of Formigal-Panticosa Ski Resort, is one of the best snowparks in Spain. Whether you're making your first attempts on the rails or performing spectacular runs in kicker lines, here you’ll find your place. We can assure one thing: your freestyle heart will race.

The Formigal Terrainpark covers an area of 9 hectares and each year new modules are installed. The lines adapt to the weather conditions of the moment, making the playing field exiting with the changes. In total it has three lines that sum up to a total of 40 different modules.

The park holds several events throughout the year: competitions, camps or equipment try outs held by ski brands such as Head, Burton or Oakley, amongst others.

The Terrainpark has 3 differentiated difficulty lines:

Blue – Level: easy

Take the chance and try your first tricks and jumps on boxes and rails. Hop on this line and get started in the snow park scene in order to improve your skills.

Red – Level: Medium

If you want to take your skills to the next level, the red line is the place for you. There are rails, boxes and various kicker lines waiting for you. You can quickly get to grips with new tricks, push yourself to the limit and perfect your style.

Black – Level: Advanced

If you dare, you will find jumps, rails and boxes that will challenge you until the last moment. Only for experts, the black line will test your limits and skills in order to perform amazing