tobogganing formigal-panticosa


When night falls and the resort’s ski lifts have come to a standstill, it’s time to find out what adrenaline really feels like. Race on a wooden toboggan down a floodlit run, after having dined the very best Italian food at Trattoria Cantal.

You'll want to do it again every day!.

The activity has three parts

Firstly, at 19.15h, when the station has closed, the 8-seater Sallent chairlift works again just for you taking you to the Cantal area, while you see the lights of the urbanization Formigal getting smaller ...

Once up , Your next destination is the exclusive Trattoria Cantal, where you can taste an abundant and exquisite Italian dinner with all your friends.

And finally, comes the moment of emotion. After an explanatory talk, you will be given a wooden sled with which you will descend for almost two and a half kilometers along an illuminated track until you return to the area of ??Friday. Are you going to miss it?