Ambassadors cerler


Aramón Cerler has a team of experts, well-acquainted with the resort, who guide and accompany skiers, giving the warmest welcome for those wanting to explore the resort from a new perspective. The Ambassadors will accompany you during your day skiing, showing you each corner of Cerler. Together with them you will discover all the secrets of the highest resort in the Aragonese Pyrenees.

It was back in the 2006-2007 season when Pedro and Pilar, Cerler aficionados for 40 years, started to collaborate with the resort by guiding skiers who weren’t yet familiar with the area. Thus the Ambassadors project was created. They were the first —and only— Ambassadors for and entire six seasons. For six seasons, every single Monday, Pedro and Pilar awaited new skiers to accompany and guide them on a special tour of Cerler, filled with anecdotes, stories, information and unparalleled landscapes. They were the seed and it was their philosophy that founded the current team of Ambassadors: 14 skiers, all volunteers at the resort.

Cerler Ambassadors is a free service and you don’t need to book a place in advance. You’ll find the Ambassadors every Monday, Saturday and Sunday at 10.30 am opposite Remárascaro café at Cerler 1500.