Your visit to the Tena Valley wouldn’t be complete without sampling the exquisite and authentic Spanish gastronomy with the unique personality of mountain cuisine that has been preserved in each of the villages along the centuries. And each of the restaurants has the added benefit of typical mountain-style ambience and décor.

The grilled meats (particularly the lamb reared in the mountain pastures), shepherd’s migas, sautéed onions, pates and home-made preserves are some of the products that you can try when you come to ski at Formigal-Panticosa. And a special mention should go to the olla tensina winter stew as well as the sensational soups.

And it is among these mountains where the star product —milk-fed lamb— is nourished and reared. This young lamb, oven-roasted, delights the palates of visitors to the valley.

And in all the valley’s villages you can find bars where you can sample the very best tapas. What’s more, if you come to ski in February, you can participate in a competition in which each bar serves its best tapas so you can sample them and vote for your favourite.